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Apalachicola, FLA.Jimmy Bloodworth Rookie CardIn 1947 Bing Crosby put Apalachicola on the map with a song called "APALACHICOLA, F-L-A". Jimmy Bloodworth, an Apalachicola native, played professional baseball from 1937 to 1951. In 1946 he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, where Bing Crosby was a partial owner. When the two men met, Bing asked Jimmy where he was from and Jimmy proudly proclaimed "APALACHICOLA, F-L-A!" Bing was taken with the name of the town & promised to write it into a song. A year later, the song was written, recorded by Bing and the Andrews Sisters, and used in the movie "The Road to Rio" which starred Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. The catchy song became Jimmy Bloodworth's theme song, and was played by the organist at the ball-park every time Jimmy came up to bat! Jimmy Bloodworth finished his major league career in 1951 and played in the 1950 World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies. He went on to manage in the minor leagues for several more years, but always maintained his home in Apalachicola, where he raised his family, including son Leon, the owner and broker of Apalachicola Realty, Inc.

"Whiz Kids" Jimmy Bloodworth of the Phillies 1950 Philadephia Phillies

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